We are proud and honoured to be members of the AWEBB buying group.

Which we joined on 1st August 2021. Awebb is The UK’s largest electrical wholesale buying consortium.


AWEBB – providing members with unrivalled security and confidence.

AWEBB is an independent negotiation body providing members with unrivalled security and confidence that they are part of a cohesive team that is working toward a common goal with shared challenges. With over 260 branches across the UK and Ireland with many original members being part of our group for over 40 years we are proud of our heritage.

A primary function of any buying group is to use its collective strength as a tool to negotiate the best possible deal for its members. This usually revolves around price. However, at AWEBB we believe it goes much further than this. The close relationships we value with our partners also ensures that AWEBB members remain at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, enabling the members to be quick off the mark when new products are brought to market.

Electracentre branch network.

One of the many amazing benefits of being an AWEBB member is the electacentre network.

Any of our clients can use all 266 member branches across UK on a collection and delivery basis, and be rest assured they will not get any nasty surprises when their invoice arrives.